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There are many derelict buildings around the world. Many have turned into what are called "ghost towns". Have you ever asked yourself why places become derelict? Let’s explore some of the reasons for abandonment and some interesting yet abandoned areas around the globe.

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Possible Reasons Why Areas Become Derelict

  1. Natural disaster: Depending on the seriousness of the disaster, many people may choose to never return to that area.
  2. Resources: If what people came for is not there anymore, people will abandon the place. For instance: if the primary resource was mining gold, if the gold runs out, the town cannot exist anymore.
  3. War: Conflict has the ability to chase people away from their locations. Some seek refuge and shelter in other areas such as neighboring towns or cities. Depending on how long the war has gone on and the severity of it, some people would choose to abandon their closeby location of origin.
  4. Employment and opportunities: Small towns become derelict because the youth are unable to sustain its existence.

Young people cannot find long-term jobs, so they are forced to go look somewhere else. Only elderly people are left behind, and eventually, their children come back to take them away.

There is much more reason for abandonment. Some people can even go as far as saying the place where haunted by ancient ghosts. However, supernatural forces cannot really be accounted for.

The reasons tend to be more or less the same for every derelict place in your area.

Locate The Best Abandoned Buildings Near You Now

Here are some of the closest abandoned places to explore on Earth you might not have known about when visiting our abandoned places.

Hashima Island In Japan

Hashima Island had over 5000 people living on it. The primary source of it was mining coal. As petrol became a substitute for fuel in Japan, there was no reason for it to exist anymore.

Hotel Del Salto Colombia (Tequendama Falls)

This spectacular hotel was built for people who occasionally went to visit Tequendama Falls. This included a lot of rich tourists of nineteen-twenties as it was built in the year 1928.

The waterfall, which was the main tourist attraction, became polluted. People started losing interest in the place, so the hotel was left empty.

Ukraine, Pripyat City

This became derelict after the Chernobyl power station nuclear disaster in 1986. This city used to be home to over 40 000 people The city had to be left empty due to the dangers of nuclear radiation.

It is said that it will take thousands of years for the radiation to clear, so until then it will remain empty. This city kind of makes you wonder just how safe our current cities are, doesn’t it?

Chernobyl Power Plant

Some of these abandoned places may send chills down your spine. Some are true ghost towns due to many deaths that had occurred there. Some were just a case of unlucky business ventures.

However, they are interesting areas one can visit. Just make sure you have the guts to walk the narrow streets and emptied hallways. Visit our homepage.