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Citizen banks is found in united states. This bank is a retail bank. It was ranked to be the 13th largest amongst all the retail banks. This bank operates in the following states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The headquarters of this bank is in Providence Rhode Island.

Initially, the bank was owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland Groups. However, the group sold out all their shares in 2015. Citizens bank has about 1200 branches. It also has 3200 ATMs. It is operating in 11 states.
Charter one financial.

Citizens bank near you acquired this in 2004 this with branches in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, upstate New York, and Vermont. This cost them $10.5 billion. All other branches retained charter one name. Although New York and Vermont branches name changed to be Citizens Bank.

Citizens bankFinancial Crisis Of The Nearest Citizen Bank

In 2008 Securities and exchange commission investigated the bank involvement in mortgage crisis in the US. This investigation was because the bank was suspected to be involved in the purchase and sales of subprime securities. In 2008 it lost $929 million. The bank also anticipated writing off $2 million on bad debts. This was a big loss to the bank.

The Road To IPO

In 2012 RBS decided to sell off the bank to focus on investing home. They did not sell out all its shares at this time. In 2013, RBS clearly stated its stand on selling out its shares.

In 2014, citizens Bank in your area started trading on the New Stock Exchange and managed to raise $3 million. By 2025 RBS sold out all its shares. In 2016, for the first time in the history of the bank, it was announced that it had joined the fortune 500.

Misappropriation Of Depositor’s Funds

In 2015, the bank was levied $35 million as they did not credit the customer's accounts with the full amount of their deposits. The bank was to reimburse the customers the total amount of money that they were claiming. The bank also paid a fine of $20 million
Paul Manafort investigation

In 2017 it was reported that this bank was one of the banks that was supporting Paul Manafort. The bank was accused of loaning $2.6 million for the Russian interference with 2016 unites states elections.

Franklin American Mortgage

In 2018, the bank completed the acquisition of Franklin American Mortgage. The value of the deal was $511 million. This expanded the business to taxes.

The closest Citizen bank has grown despite the challenges. Their vision of being the top performing bank is coming true. It was ranked to be the 13 largest banks offering a broad range of financial services. The services including commercial mobile banking. The bank provides services to individual, institutions, middle market and large market companies, institutions, and small business.

There are other services like lending, saving, wealth management and many more. This bank is one of the oldest that have stood both good and bad times and still growing strong. If you are looking for a bank, try citizens bank nearby. Be it business it will offer you the best financial advice.

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