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Commerce Bank is a friendly bank with a huge collection of products and services. Its main objective is to satisfy customers by facilitating them. Commerce bank deals in all types starting from family’s future to business growth. This bank has around 150 years of experience with loads of strong and established products. However, the company also has around 184 Branches. The main aim of the bank is to serve all categories of people say individuals, families, business and communities through their services like Local branch, ATM, online and 24/7 customer service line.

Commerce BankHistory

The nearest commerce bank firstly started right after the civil war when communities rebuilt start. Francis Reid started a bank with $10,000 in the capital and commence funding companies. Then Dr. W.S.Woods transform old bank into a modern financial institution. In 1929 Stock market crash this bank suffers a huge loss but comparing to other banks this bank took early start up again. In today’s time's bank is considered to be one of the strongest banks.

Officers And Directors

Luckily this bank conducted a big web of 4000 employees on a daily basis that worked to uphold the values for life, integrity, empathy and for the betterment of the bank. Leader’s field plays a good role as alumni for Midwest universities. In addition, it serves various non-profit organizations. Banks directors played a crucial role while emerging trends and issues. Hence, serve the community as an entrepreneur, industry specialists, and community leaders.

Mission Statement

One of the key mission of the bank is to provide targeted financial services in the community for the betterment of customer’s relationships. And this aim only is possible by paying full attention towards their problems offering best solutions possible only with the combination of technology, experience, and monetary strength. Their goals are employee satisfaction, good value to shareholders and customers honesty.

Customers Promise

Their main motto is: Ask, listen and solve; these are not just words but the tactics which are the key to their success. Bank promises customers that they will pay attention to asking customer needs like their financial goals and their options to do things, and listen carefully. And helped you in order to solve your problems and provide possible personalized options for your problem.

Social Responsibility

Commerce bank nearby founds its responsibility in enriching customers, shareholders and employee’s lives. As a solution, we invest in ideas, programs, and technology. And benefit the community by tackling complex financial challenges and provides a healthy environment. Our key values are time, thinking, responsibility, relationships, and accountability.

Corporate profile

Commerce Bank near you is a registered bank holding company and offers a variety of financial services that consist of business and personal banking, wealth management and estate planning. Not the least but also invest sources with affiliated companies. This bank covers around 340 locations. Bank has many subsidiaries too that involved in mortgage banking, credit-based insurance, per venture capital and some of the real estate activities.

Media Centre

Commerce Bank also has a media center where fresh news related to every aspect releases and also you can access media kit and connect with their media contacts.

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