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Best Xfinity Store By Comcast Near Me Locator

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What is Comcast Xfinity Near You?

closest comcast xfinity stores

Are you interested in finding out more about Comcast Corporation? Then this article is specially written for you.

In this modern era, it is not that straight forward as before to find out which internet service or television service provider to rely on. Comcast Xfinity closeby is one of those providers that is mainly servicing people staying in the US.

You will learn more about what the company is doing below.

Kindly read until the end of the article to get the most out of this Comcast article.

Comcast Corporation – What Is It?

Comcast or Comcast Corporation in your area is a large company founded by Ralph J. Roberts, in the year 1963. The company offers entertainment, communications products, and services as well as cable television services in America. So don’t be surprised if you see Comcast offering you a bulk load of services on their website when you are checking them out.

The company subsequently relocated their HQ to Philadelphia in 1969 and changed their name to Comcast Corporation which used to be known as American Cable Systems.

Comcast also has many acquisitions such as fifty-one percent of NBCUniversal, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc, Sky, XUMO, AT&T Broadband, and DreamWorks Animation to name just a few of them here.

What Plans Does Xfinity Comcast Near Me Have In 2020?

In recent times, Comcast Xfinity close to you has committed to a $100 million dollars to eradicate racism, inequality, and hate courtesy of the black lives matter (BLM) movement in the US in 2020.

The $100 million dollar consists of a multiple-year plan that is very comprehensive designed by Comcast which will be focused on their employees, digital equity, social justice, small businesses as well as education and awareness. The company is very committed to making a real impact this time and they will be putting their words into actions.

Moreover, Comcast Xfinity closeby is also looking forward to the Tokyo Olympics next year 2021, where they already made plans to ensure their broadcasting is on point for all American homes. All seems to be good but will we really be able to recover from COVID19 as a nation? Only time will tell.

Final Verdict

Here are our final thoughts with regards to Xfinity Comcast nearby.

Keep in mind we are not real users of Comcast ourselves, so read our article with a grain of salt. That said, we think Comcast is an awesome company in the corporate world with the way how the company has progressed but it is still very underwhelming when it comes to their customer satisfaction.

It seems like their management is very focused on expanding the company while neglecting customer satisfaction which is very unfortunate.

If you take a quick look on the internet at review websites like and, etc, you will notice there are many legitimate negative reviews of Comcast by their customers.

Many of the customers are very angry about the way Comcast’s staff treated them. It is usually the case where they either got charged more than what they should have paid for or they do not get the reliable service they pay for. They are constantly being labeled as “the worst customer service of any company”… Go to our homepage to find more information.